Small Animal and Bird Boarding

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Small Animal and Bird Boarding

buy prednisone for cats online When you’re planning a relaxing holiday, you want to know that your cherished Rabbit, Tortoise or Parrot is cared for, fed up of asking a friend or relative to help you out caring for your pet.

transversely In a relaxed and happy environment. Our dedicated team use their knowledge and experience to ensure your well looked after, so they return home after a relaxing vacation healthy and happy. we specialise in caring for a very diverse range of animals, small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds and some reptiles. Love and care for animals is our core value. We are great animal lovers and love what we do, which is why our prices are very reasonable. Our wide knowledge of pets and their wellbeing, therefore making us the ideal place for your pets to stay.

Purpose Built Indoor Hutch

Butzbach We pride ourselves in being able to provide the right facilities for boarding indoor rabbits, guinea pigs and other small furies.

Hell-Ville Please note: Small furies and birds only board in their own cages.

General Care

We ensure fresh water is available.

All fruit and vegetables are thoroughly washed before feeding.

Cages, hutches, food bowls, water bottles, litter trays, dustbaths and toys are cleaned regularly, and checked daily.

For birds we provide cuttlefish, multivitamin drops added to water, grit to aid digestion, sand and floor covering.

If you desire, we will use your own supply of feed and accessories as to ensure your pet does not suffer any stress from change.

High priority is given to stimulation, foraging and social contact contributing to achieving the happiness and general wellbeing of your pet.

Collection and Delivery

We offer a chauffeur pickup and delivery service, for all small animals and small cage birds for most areas, in our own vehicle. Charges are available on request, booking only made in advanced.


We ask that you mention any recent injury, illness or any disability when you leave your pet with us. We will ensure that all treatments or medicines are administered as per your veterinary surgeon’s instructions.

Safety and Security

For the safety and security of your pet, we ask that all pets are brought into reception in an adequate secure cage or animal carrier.

Professional Pet Care

Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest level of care and affection.

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