Our Pool

Our pool is 20 foot long, 10 foot wide and 4 foot deep. The pool is heated to 30 degrees celcius, the idea temperature for hydrotherapy.

It is treated on a daily basis with Bromine; we use Bromine rather than Chlorine so the dogs don’t smell and Bromine is better for their coats. We test Bromine and PH on a daily basis. It is sand filtered and also UV clarified.

  • All dogs need to be vet checked before they are allowed in the pool.

  • Special rates for dogs in boarding with us, swim for recreation or fitness.

  • Not sure if your dog can swim, book a swimming lesson in the safety of our pool.

  • Further information and to book an appointment ring reception on 01524 822473.

Professional Pet Care

Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest level of care and affection.

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